Installing A New AV System For Your Business

The installation of an audio-visual system for your business will greatly enhance your capabilities. However, these are complicated systems, and while it is necessary to be focused on the technical needs of these systems, there will also be a need to focus on the more general aspects of this upgrade to your business.

Determine Whether The System Will Be Used For Presentations And Video Conferencing

The way that you are planning to use the audio-visual system will be a factor that has to guide much of your decision-making process. For example, a business that is only planning to use the AV system for presentations will have very different needs from a business that is wanting to use this system for teleconferencing as well.

Include Options To Control The Lighting In The Room With The AV System

Being able to control the lighting in the room with the AV system is a detail that businesses may not always consider when they are in the early stages of planning for this change to the business. However, it can be necessary to dim these lights so that those in the room can easily see the presentation that is being made. Conversely, those that are wanting to use this system for teleconferencing will need to ensure that there is ample light on the person attending the teleconference. In addition to being able to easily adjust the intensity of the lights in this room, you may also find it useful to install motorized high-quality window treatments so that the light from the windows can be easily blocked out when necessary.

Provide The AV System With A Strong Data Connection

For an audio-visual system that will be connected to the internet, it is necessary to ensure that it has a strong data connection. Interference with this connection could compromise the system's ability to play media from online sources without excessive buffering. Additionally, this could lead to image and audio quality issues when attempting to use the system for teleconferencing. At a minimum, these systems could benefit from a hardwired connection rather than a wireless one as this will eliminate conflicting signals and other interference. For those that will have especially high data needs, it may even be advisable to connect the system to a dedicated internet connection. An AV technician can assist you with understanding the broadband needs of your new system and the best options for meeting these requirements.

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