3 Conference Room Upgrades Ideal For Professional Meetings

When you host a meeting at your company, every aspect of the experience will represent your company. You want to leave a good impression with guests and other employees who use a conference room. An upgraded conference room will not only create better visual displays but will also lead to more organization as you get meetings started on time.

Learn how AV labor crews can transform your conference room and implement elements you use well into the future.

1. Video Conference Monitors & Webcams

As remote meetings become more of the norm, you want to create a setup that makes it seamless to transition from a traditional meeting to a remote one. AV staffing can set up video-conference monitors and webcams to use within the conference room.

Large-scale monitors mounted to the wall allow you to easily see remote participants, especially if the screen is split up into multiple webcam feeds. A high-quality webcam and microphone will ensure your connection is clear and will provide viewers with a clear look into the conference room.

AV workers can connect the devices directly to the internet through LAN cables and help keep a stable connection for all your meetings.

2. Automated Lights & Blinds

During a business presentation, clarity is important. Along with a high-quality television, AV labor workers can install automated lights and blinds to help control the amount of light inside a conference room. A complete light setup will include a special remote control that allows you to adjust light brightness. Quick options allow you to dim all the lights or turn them all on.

Automated blinds allow you to block out natural light that causes glares or other visual issues during a meeting. Once installed, you will learn the easy process and can adjust all of the elements as you go through the meeting process.

3. Wireless Speaker Setup

During a conference call, you need all the employees to hear content and voices on the other end of the line. Instead of just a central speaker in the center of the room, AV staffers can install wireless speakers and mount each one to the walls. The sound improvements make it easy to hear calls and the speakers can connect to other devices.

For example, if you have a video presentation, speakers will play the audio for the whole room to easily hear music, voiceovers, and other details.

With just one of the upgrades, you will vastly the experience within a conference room. Consider doing all of the upgrades at the same time to streamline the process.

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