Tips For Placing Your Surround Sound Speakers

Did you recently decide to get surround sound for your living room, but now you are wondering what you should do with those speakers to place them in the room? Here are some creative ways to put the speakers in the proper place:

Speaker Stands

The easiest way to mount your speakers is going to be with speaker stands. The stands themselves are very affordable, and are lightweight and easy to move around. The telescopic stand allows you to easily adjust the speaker to the correct height and angle it so that it is pointing towards the center of where you are sitting. It's easy to place speakers on stands in the front or rear of your roof. If your couch is flush against the wall, just move it out a few inches so the speakers can fit behind it.


Another option is to place your speakers on shelves that surround your TV. You may already have something existing in place, such as a bookcase, where you can just set the speakers on the shelf and be good to go, or you can install something custom to make it work. For example, you can install some floating shelves behind the TV for the speaker to rest on. You can then fill up the rest of the shelves with things like photos, your favorite Blu-ray movies, or collectables. 

External Wall Mounts

Installing speakers on wall mounts can be a bit of a project to accomplish, but it will make your speakers look and sound great with ideal placement. Rather than let the speaker wires travel up the wall, you can fish the wires between the studs so that the wire is completely hidden. The wall bracket allows you to angle the speakers towards where you are sitting for the ideal setup.

In-Wall Mounts

With a little bit of creative ingenuity, it is actually possible to mount the speakers inside the wall. You can use that space between the studs to make an enclosed box where the speakers will sit, and then cover it with a fabric cover so that the speakers are hidden within the wall. If the color of the fabric matches the color of the wall, it will make it blend in with the wall even more. 

If you need help with a complicated installation of your surround sound speakers, such as the in-wall surround speaker mounts, speak with a specialist in your are that deals with these home theater setups. 

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