What Are The Benefits To Using An Engine Borescope On Airplane Engines?

When airplane engines are inspected, one of the tools that is often used during the inspection process is an engine borescope. An engine borescope is a device that helps someone see items that may not otherwise be visible. There is an eye piece on one end of the borescope. On the other end is a tube are reflective lenses. The tube can be fed through small holes, twisting and winding into tight spaces. When the user looks through the eye piece, they are able to see down to the image that the reflective lenses are displaying to them, ultimately letting them see items and space they otherwise would not be able to see. There are many benefits to using this tool on airplane engines, which is why it is frequently done. Here are a few of the benefits of using an engine borescope on an airplane engine. 

Allows You to Diagnose Problems Without Taking the Engine Apart

One of the major benefits to using an engine borescope on an airplane engine is that it allows you to diagnose problems without taking the engine apart. Often times, you have to order the parts for an engine repair. You don't want an engine taking up space in your plane hangar. But if the engine has been disassembled to diagnose the problem, this may be the reality. A borescope allows you to diagnose the problem and order the repair parts before you take the engine apart. 

Allows for Quick Inspections, Which Increases Safety

Another benefit to using an engine borescope on airplane engines is that it allows for faster and more efficient inspections, which increases safety. Planes are inspected both routinely and randomly by the FAA or its licensed agents to ensure that a plane is in good and safe working condition. This tool helps them to look into the engine, something that they couldn't have done without this tool. 

Gives Buyers Peace of Mind

The last benefit to using engine borescopes on airplane engines is that it gives potential buyers peace of mind. If you are looking to sell an old plane engine that you have, a buyer will want to know the condition of the engine before investing money in it. Not everyone is trustworthy, so a borescope makes it easy for them or their mechanic to check the engine out before paying for it. 

Engine borescopes are one of the most efficient ways to look into the engine of an airplane and determine its condition. This can be beneficial when the engine is having problems, if an inspection is needed or if someone is looking to purchase the engine. 

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When airplane engines are inspected, one of the tools that is often used during the inspection process is an engine borescope. An engine borescope is